Are you interested in a performing arts career?

Do you want professional qualifications in dance, music or acting?

Or just improve your performance skills and confidence?

Live your dreams at ACPA! Start your career with a nationally accredited Certificate II, Diploma or Advanced Diploma course.

All programs run full-time over 12 months, in four terms aligned with the Queensland school system.

Study benefits

At ACPA, you’ll learn in a fun and nurturing environment.

Practical and theoretical classes teach you technical skills while building your social and emotional strength through teamwork, public performance, and values like commitment, respect and responsibility.

Assessments include class participation, practical demonstrations, performances, oral presentations, research and short essay writing.

You’ll interact with positive role models – lecturers, tutors, industry professionals and peers – and be inspired by Indigenous adults succeeding in their chosen careers. Our specialist teachers have contemporary, ‘real world’ experience and respond to the dynamic nature of the performance industry.

Importantly, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to pursue a career or more specialised training as a dancer, singer, musician, or actor.

Student life

ACPA is more than a place to train. We’re a community of lifelong friends and valuable connections who want to help you succeed.

We know student life is tough, so we try to make every day at ACPA as easy and as stimulating as possible for you.

We’re based close to Brisbane city, so you can get to class by public transport and make the most of our facilities without too much hassle.

We’ll encourage and support you to take advantage of every artistic opportunity that comes your way.

We understand you are young and creative, and we want to inspire you to be the best and most successful version of yourself.

It’s time to live your dreams.


Although we can help students find initial accommodation, ACPA is not responsible for accommodation costs or legal arrangements. Our staff refer students to appropriate accommodation services and are always available to discuss your concerns about your accommodation arrangements.

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