Discover your true potential and become your creative vision with our 10607NAT Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts.

This course is for aspiring artists who are determined to shine.

The Advanced Diploma builds your professional status by focusing on advanced artistry and technical skills within your chosen genre.

It also confirms your social and emotional readiness for the complexities and challenges of the industry.

Advanced Diploma students participate in many showcases, performing in major stage venues for different public audiences.

Combining at least six elective units from the genre of your choice with four compulsory units, you’ll polish the knowledge and capabilities practised in previous studies to a new level of brilliance. You’ll also learn how to:

With its additional focus on work ethic, teamwork skills and self-esteem, this course will prepare you for any job and for taking your training to university level.

You’ll earn your place as an ACPA alumnus, joining an inspirational and global network of graduates who are shaping, defining and distinguishing the cultural identity of this nation.

Indigenous and non-indigenous students can apply.

10607NAT Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts

This qualification is made up of four compulsory core units and a minimum of six elective units as described in the Course Units section. While most participants select elective units from their particular genre specialisation (i.e. acting, music, dance), the course structure is designed to enable choice flexibility. For example, if you want to develop musical theatre skills, you may combine relevant elective units from dance, music and/or acting. 

Total supervised hours: 735 – 1335 hours comprising 435 core hours and the remainder in elective hours depending on specific selections.

Total unsupervised hours: 205 – 630 hours which may comprise individual or group warm up sessions, external performance activities, research, individual practice times for such things as vocal development, choreography, learning of performance parts or lines, character development, rehearsals, meetings, interviews or interactions with relevant personnel in the performing arts and related industries.

There are no pre-requisites required for any of the units, nor is there any sequencing requirements; they may be completed in any order.

There are no specific exits points from this course to provide for vocational or educational outcomes. If a participant exits this course for these (or other) reasons.

A Statement of Attainment will be issued for any unit of competency completed if the full qualification is not completed.

Acting Units
Unit Code Unit Title Core/ Elective Nominal Hours
PATPCR601 Perform characters and relationships Elective 180
PATRSI601 Refine skills in improvisation Elective 100
PATRCT601 Research and perform classical text Elective 120
PATPTT601 Perform physical theatre techniques at an advanced level Elective 100
PATVOI601 Extend voice & speech Elective 60
PATAFC601 Act for camera Elective 140
CUADAN609A Extend cultural dance performance skills to a professional level Elective 100
Music Units
Unit Code Unit Title Core/ Elective Nominal Hours
CUAMPF304 Make a music demo Elective 40
CUAMPF603 Refine performance techniques and expand repertoire Elective 65
CUAMPF601 Present a music performance Elective 70
CUAMCP601 Extend techniques for arranging music Elective 60
CUAMCP602 Extend techniques in composing music Elective 65
CUAMPF607 Lead music rehearsals Elective 70
CUAMLT601 Analyse music Elective 70
CUAMPF605 Develop advanced vocal techniques Elective 65
CUAMLT402 Articulate ideas about music Elective 40
CUADAN609 Extend cultural dance performance skills to a professional level Elective 100
Dance Units
Unit Code Unit Title Core/ Elective Nominal Hours
CUADAN609 Extend cultural dance performance skills to a professional level Elective 100
CUADAN603 Extend ballet technique to a professional level Elective 220
CUADAN607 Extend contemporary dance technique to a professional level Elective 120
CUADAN403 Develop expertise in jazz dance technique Elective 65
CUADAN507 Refine dance partnering techniques Elective 100
CUADAN610 Extend allied contemporary dance techniques at a professional level Elective 100
CUACHR501 Create and perform complex dance pieces Elective 60
CUADAN601 Perform dance repertoire at a professional level Elective 120
CUAWHS401 Apply movement and behavioural principles to physical conditioning Elective 40
Career Management Units
Unit Code Unit Title Core/ Elective Nominal Hours
CUAFIM501 Source funding for projects Elective 70
BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others Core 20
Multi-Genre Units
Unit Code Unit Title Core/ Elective Nominal Hours
PATPSP601 Participate in a showcase performance Core 250
CUAPRF501 Refine performance techniques Core 95
CUAIND601 Work professionally in the creative arts industry Core 70

A Diploma of Performing Arts and a Year 11 or equivalent education is desirable but not mandatory. Participants seeking entry must be physically capable of developing the required performance skills for an advanced diploma qualification.

Entry flexibility is possible for a person without Year 11 or equivalence. Considering individual personal circumstances will include, but is not limited to mature entry, portfolio of work, and/or a performance audition.

Students who wish to submit evidence of prior learning are requested to complete the Recognition of Prior Learning Form (available from ACPA administration), attach supporting evidence, and submit everything to ACPA for consideration at Further information is available upon request.

Is important for all potential students to also note that in line with the Queensland Department of Education and Training’s policy guidelines, after completing a diploma or advanced diploma level qualification, students will no longer be eligible for a government-subsidised training place in an equivalent program at another Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

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